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Heinrich Böll Cottage

Dugort, Achill Island. Co Mayo. Ireland

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Summer Concert Booking

Summer Concert

The Achill Heinrich Böll Association are pleased to host a Summer Concert featuring a crossover of classical and  Irish music forms and traditions at St Thomas’ Church Dugort, Achill Island this Saturday  August 13th 20:00hrs. Admission is free but tickets are limited and booking essential  HERE
This event is supported by Mayo County Council Local Live Performance Programming Scheme 2022.

Alison Moncreif Kelly, organiser and performer writes;-
  The word ‘crossover’ is as overworked as it is inadequate: different areas of music cannot be conflated into one thing with a piece of verbal sticking plaster. The idea for this concert came about as a way of bringing together local Achill musicians with those who are lucky enough to call this wonderful place home; and it is an opportunity for those who play in the classical discipline to get close to Irish musical traditions and learn from them.
As one of the classical musicians performing, it has been a wonderful odyssey for me to learn more about Irish traditional music from the inside, to spend time listening to the vast canon of Irish music, and to learn something of the artists who play it.
I’m in awe of the skill of those who perform in the traditional style – the mastery of instrument and idiom is something all musicians strive for, whichever side of the musical spectrum we sit on
The enthusiastic response from everyone involved in this event has been astonishing, and as ever, it’s the love of music that drives things forward. Many thanks to everyone for agreeing to play”.
The performers include:   Anne-Marie Twomey – Violin / Connor Wilcox – Piano / David Durham –  Baritone  / Kate Heneghan – Harp / Julie Langan – Trad fiddle / Kieran O’Malley – Pipes/whistle / Diarmuid Gielty – Trad fiddle / Alison Moncreif Kelly  – Cello / John Hoban – musician .
The programme includes;  Beethoven Irish Folksongs in the piano trio/baritone arrangement / The Dumky Trio by Dvorak /  Songs by Renaldo Hahn / Elegy by Lessenko (Ukrainian composer) / New arrangement  by  Kieran O Malley and Alison Moncrief Kelly for all musicians.

Admission is free but booking essential  HERE

Main  Photo; John Michael Nikolai